SVA Supports S.2116: S.2116 - Military and Veterans Education Protection Act

WASHINGTON, DC –Student Veterans of America, a national coalition of over 500 chapters, supports S.2116 - Military and Veterans Education Protection Act.

"SVA is in full support of closing the 90/10 loophole," said Michael Dakduk, Executive Director of Student Veterans of America. "By not counting military tuition assistance and GI Bill benefits in the equation, some for-profit institutions are using the loophole to aggressively and deceptively recruit veterans."

According to Senator Carper's official press release, the Military and Veterans Education Protection Act changes the 90/10 formula so that a for-profit school's revenues from DOD and VA programs are counted as federal dollars on the 90 percent side of the 90/10 formula rather than as private dollars on the 10 percent side. The for-profit school would then have to ensure that at least 10 percent of its revenue would come from truly non-federal, non-DOD, VA or DOE funding sources. The legislation would also amend current law so that if a school is out of compliance for two consecutive years, it would lose eligibility to accept not only new DOE dollars, but also new DOD and VA dollars. Schools will regain their eligibility once they take a series of steps toward compliance, which is unchanged from current law.

About Student Veterans of America

SVA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit coalition of student veteran organizations on college campuses globally. SVA’s mission is to provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation.