Got Your 6 Pledge

chester gy6Are you interested in speaking with your campus administration about signing the Got Your 6 Education Pillar Pledge?  

Before you approach your administration, it is important to have all the facts so that you can make a clear, concise case as to why your institution should take the pledge to support student veterans.  Here is some useful information to get you started:

Why should my school sign the pledge?

Signing the Got Your 6 Education Pillar Pledge reflects the institution’s eagerness to engage in a transparent and proactive campaign to support student veterans and enrich the campus community.  It also serves as a sign to current and future students that supporting student veterans is a high priority within the institution’s long-term strategy. Learn more about the Got Your 6 campaign here

After signing the pledge, the school’s name will be added to SVA’s public page of Pledge Signing Institutions and they will have access to the Got Your 6 logo for promotional purposes.  This not only reflects positively on the institution, but also assists in raising the profile on the student veteran experience.

List of Pledge Signing Institutions

To see a list of all schools that have signed the Education Pillar’s pledge, please click here.


Please carefully read the below instructions to ensure that your pledge is complete and valid. Pledges that do not comply with these instructions will not be recognized and the pledge-maker will be notified.

  • The "Campus Name" field must be the full, official name of the institution signing the pledge;
  • The "Signatory" name field must list a school administrator that has the authority to act on behalf of the institution or on behalf of specific departments within the institution.  Acceptable signatories include school presidents, chancellors, vice presidents, and certain deans; and 
  • The "Campus Point of Contact" name fields must list a school faculty member or administrator that is responsible for veteran programming on campus.  Acceptable examples include director of veteran programs, directors of veteran centers, veteran certifying officials, and student group advisors for SVA chapters.

Please note that all pledges are reviewed to ensure compliance with the above stated instructions.

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